The frogs are gone …

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Well, the frogs have almost gone. After a mass orgy of croaking all night and day (do they ever sleep?) and sex all day and night (lucky b*ggers!) they have started leaving. The pond is returning to the domain of the Koi carp (which I hate almost as much as I hate cats) and is full of spawn. This morning there were only about a dozen frogs left, a couple still paired up, but most of the rest had gone. Where to I wonder?

No doubt that damned cats will be having a field day killing and maiming the poor b*ggers as they wander back to whence they came. Wish I could do the same for the cats – send them back to wherever they came from I mean. (Ok, I admit it, in a box if necessary!)

Funnily enough, this year we have no frogs in the ponds at the back of the house, only in the one at the front. Last year we had lots at the back as well – but that was where the cats used to hang out – until I put the cat zapper in. I just wonder if those damned murdering b’stards managed to kill off all the frogs at the rear?

Anyway, we seem to have a leak in the smallest pond at the rear, so I’ll have to get patching soon.


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