I Was Peed On By A Frog This Morning!

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What more can I say?

I was leaving home, for work, this morning at 06:55 and when I opened the garage door (from the inside) a frog was sittingĀ  there, right slap bang in the middle of the doorway. She, for it was a girl frog, just sat looking at me.

Obviously, if I was to drive over her, she wouldn’t be too happy (neither would I, I like frogs) so I picked her up to take her to the pond.

She wasn’t happy about that at all. She peed all over my hands. Thanks girlie! Frog pee is cold by the way, in case you are interested!

Anyway, I took her up to the pond where rather a lot of other frogs are waiting for the right moment for a frog orgy and popped her in.

I didn’t kiss her though! šŸ˜€


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