Shag Fest!

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There’s a mass orgy taking place in our pond this weekend. The frogs are hard at it again – it must be springtime!

The first spawn I found was actually in the filtration housing, one batch of spawn plus 38 frogs – 36 coupling and two single males looking for action.

I hefted all the above into the main pond itself, and left them to get on with it. Yesterday afternoon, the spawning had begun in earnest. This morning they are still laying.

It’s a shame that we have fewer frogs in the pond than we had on the last two years, plus those damned Koi haven’t died yet so any tadpoles that do hatch, will eventually be eaten. I saved some last year by a transfer to the small pond in the back garden – but it’s far too small to cope with the expected numbers of tadpoles. Sigh!


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