The Election Is Coming!

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Oh joy! Politics. How lovely. Ok, here’s what I think of the election:

  • They don’t give a shit about keeping promises. Regardless of what your local MP (or wannabe MP) tells you he will do for you, once (if) s/he gets elected, s/he will have to follow the party whip – so why do they bother telling us lies all the time.
  • They still have an expenses system that gives them the right to excess. If I took a job in London, for example, I would not be getting second homes allowances, nor any of the rest of the stuff that they provide themselves with. It’s a con. They know what the job entails and where they have to work from, so deal with it. if you don’t like working to the same expenses rules as everyone else in the country, don’t apply for a job as an MP. Simple.
  • Voting should be mandatory in the UK. However, see next bullet point.
  • Every voting paper should have one additional ‘candidate’ at the bottom – None Of The Above – that would give the politicians a better idea of exactly what we think of them. (None Of The Above courtesy of Brewster’s Millions an old film with Richard Prior.)
  • And finally – for now – remember this if nothing else. You can always tell when a politician is lying, because his lips move!


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