Just How Busy Can a Bee Get?

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On Saturday I went to check on the girls again. In the seven days since my last check, they’ve been busy. How busy? Well, last week I gave them a pair of brand new super frames to fill up the super. They had 6 already (or was it 7? I must go and count next time I see them!) and they had just started to draw out the comb. Well, 7 days later, we not only have a complete set of super frames, fully drawn out, but the whole lot is just about full (on both sides!) with brand new honey. Once they get it evaporated down to the correct water content, they will cap it off.

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I suspected something was up when I lifted off the super to do my weekly checks, I could hardly lift it! Anyway, I’ve kept them busy by giving them a new super on top of the existing one, with a compete set of empty frames. Wonder what I’ll find next weekend?

Downstairs in the brood box, Queenie has been busy and there are “millions” of bees milling about. Plenty of stores – honey and pollen – stashed away in the brood frames. The drone comb that we cut out last week (to try and prevent varroa infestation) has been completely rebuilt with new, fresh beeswax. No eggs yet.

We also have three potential queen cups. No eggs (not that I can see them with my eyesight – glasses on or not!) or larva yet, but I’ll be keeping an eye out, just in case.

And the varroa count. Well, after 7 days, I counted what was on the varroa tray under the hive – a bit of chalk-brood, and one, single, solitary, all by itself, mite. One!

This is good news, but worrying at the same time. I can’t believe that our hive doesn’t seem to be a hot bed of varroa like almost all the others. There were some in the drone comb we removed last week, but not many. I haven’t see any of the bees with mites, but then again, it’s difficult to tell with so many of them knocking about.

How many times have I been stung when I dismantle their house? So far this year, none! They are very docile at the moment, I’d personally be going off my head if someone kept breaking into my house and moving the furniture all the time!


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