We Have A New Queen Coming!

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It was been checking time again yesterday and of the three queen cups I found last week, one has a grub in it. Looks like we need to consider doing an artificial swarm for real this time.

The first super we put on is now in the process of being capped off. The honey is almost ready. I’m leaving it for the girls to completely cap off and then, Alison gets to do what she’s been looking forward to since we started on the Bee Keeping course, extracting her own honey! I foresee a very sticky kitchen any time soon.

The second super is starting to be filled as well. They have drawn out 7 of the 8 frames and have simply left the last one untouched. Not bad for a week though.

Queenie is still around, I saw her yesterday. Wandering about and laying eggs as usual.

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