What Do We Need, Banks or Hospitals?

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The government’s wonderful new system for the NHS starts tomorrow. GP’s will take over running things where the Primary Care Trusts used to and Primary Care Trusts are to vanish. If any hospital fails under the new system, there will be no tax-payer funded bale outs.

Strange that, they baled out the banks and have been shafted in return as bankers returned to their old ways – the ways that all political parties said would never happen again – and stuck two fingers up at the tax-payer and the government. But there’s no such luxury for a hospital. Hmm.

Nice to know where their priorities lie then!

As I always say, voting should be mandatory and there must be an option on every ballot paper entitled “none of the above”. Mind you, I also have said for years don’t vote, the government will get in!


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