Japanese Tragedy

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Earthquake, tsunami and nuclear problems. Like they don’t have enough trouble with just one of these?

And as usual, the religious fuck-wits are coming out of the woodwork with their completely ridiculous claims that it’s all “someone’s” fault – be that someone the gays, women (it’s usually one of these groups to blame for everything according to the fundies!) or someone else.

Mind you, the Daily Mail isn’t much better, reporting on a astrologist (anagram of fuck-wit) who “predicted” the carnage. Read more, if you haven’t yet eaten your lunch, here

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A woman cries her eyes out in the ruined town of Natori, Miyagi Prefecture. Click for more pictures, full size.

We all need to help out, so give money (scroll down to the flags), praying doesn’t work – it has been proved – except to make religious nutters think that they have done something useful – so unclasp your hands and get them into your pockets!

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