Getting Amazon “Kindle For PC” running on Linux.

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How hard can it be? Well, as it turns out, not very. The steps are as follows:

  • Install, or check, that you have wine version 1.3 installed. The command wine --version gives details, assuming that you already have it installed.
  • Download “Kindle for PC” from Amazon’s web site.
  • Double-click the Kindle exe file to install it under wine. If you see errors about “winesetup encountered an error” just ignore them.

You will have a new entry in your applications menu for Kindle. How difficult was that? Here is Kindle for PC running on OpenSuse 11.4 with a KDE desktop:

Kindle for PC, running on OpenSuse 11.4 under the KDE desktop.
Kindle for PC, on Linux. Click for full sized image.

A couple of things don’t work as they do in Windows, for example, shopping in the Kindle Store opens up in your default browser, which is not really a problem – you get full screen browsing. As far as I can see, synchronising with your other Kindle(s) works fine – I’m running Kindle for Android as well as Kindle for PC and they happily sync with each other.

I also see the following wine problem whenever I start Kindle, but this occurs on a couple of other wine programs as well, and did previously in OpenSuse 11.2 after a patch to wine. So far, nothing has been affected.

Error in Wine.
The error that occurs in wine when applications are executed.


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