This Page Intentionally Left Blank …

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Except, it’s not!

WTF is it all about? You open a report, or a book and see a page with no text on it except this page intentionally left blank. Except, because of that bit of text, it’s no longer blank is it?

So why do they bother? Does the author/publisher think we readers are too stupid to realise that a page is blank without being told? Is it because they think we might assume that somehow, the printing process has mysteriously failed for that one page in particular and we may be missing some highly important information? Or what?

If they really must tell us that the page was never intended to have anything useful on it, surely this page has no useful information on it could be a better idea. Except, pedants like me, might assume that because of what it is telling us, that it does indeed contain useful information.

I give up. Just leave the blank pages as blanks and we’ll probably get the message that it has no content and is simply being used to ensure that the first page of the next section, part, chapter, whatever, starts on the generally accepted face of the page. It’s not rocket science!


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