Removing “Rogue” Expensive Oracle Options After Upgrading to 10.2.0.x.

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Install – the base release – of Oracle and deselect the various Enterprise Edition Options – these cost money and we don’t like that, especially if we don’t use them.

Patching to (in my installation – it could be different with previous versions) silently adds OLAP, Data Mining etc back into the mix. Not good – especially if/when Oracle decide to audit your licenses. You pay for what you install whether used or not.

So, to remedy the problem, do this:

cd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib
make -f olap_off rat_off rac_off dm_off sdo_off ioracle

You may see an error telling you that SDO can’t be turned off. That’s fine, at least we tried! The various options are:

  • olap_off = OLAP
  • rat_off = Real Application Testing
  • rac_off = Real Application Cluster
  • dm_off = Data Mining
  • sdo_off = Spatial

There are others in the make file, but these are the ones I’m mostly interested in not having!


4 thoughts on “Removing “Rogue” Expensive Oracle Options After Upgrading to 10.2.0.x.”

    1. Hi Wim,

      I don’t have any access to a Windows server running 10g Enterprise Edition as I’m working in a Unix/Linux shop at the moment so I can’t tell you if this affects Windows as well. Sorry.

      As far as I’ve found, this problem affects 10g Enterprise Edition only. However, there are other foibles on 11g Enterprise Edition which turn on the Tuning/Diagnostic packs by default.


  1. The problem starts with the fact that Windows has no real make utility and there are no *.mk files in the directories (except one for a demo?).
    I scanned the directories on the text “olap_off” but no hit. I keep this on my list to research further, because it is a good idea to disable not used options.

    1. Wim,

      I’m not sure about 10g, but from 11g onwards, there is a new utility – chopt – which you use to Change Options. Works on Windows too I’m told.


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