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I’ve been doing a bit of Docbook work recently – converting a paper based manual into a Docbook one that can then be used to generate all kinds of different output from the same input file. Very useful.

I needed to create an index that correctly reflected the contents of the new format rather than simply copying the old one – where the pages would no longer have matched up.

I found a couple of good articles, namely:

and, of course, this one:

UPDATE: Of all the people you would expect to get it right, Bob Stayton is the one. Except he got it wrong. In the link above to, there is an example thus:

<indexterm class="startofrange" id="makestuff">
<indexterm class="endofrange" startref="makestuff">

It should be as follows without the on the end of page range indexterm. If you do it with a primary, you get the page range as expected, but with the final page duplicated, as in:

Subject matter 123-127, 127

Remove the primary and it just works.

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