Why Do I Have To Suffer Your Children?

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I’m trapped on a plane for four and a bit hours and your bloody child has been screaming it’s head off for most of the way.

There’s little chance of me being able to sleep at all on this flight but somehow that’s ok with you because “she’s only 18 months old.”

Do you think that I, and the other passengers around you, think that that is an acceptable reason for suffering 4 and a bit hours of continual screaming? The answer, if you give a toss, is a resounding “NO IT FUCKING ISN’T!”

If I make a noise around your bloody child, you will tell me to “be quiet or I will wake the baby”, so what makes you think that it’s perfectly ok the other way around?

Don’t even think of telling me that she’s too young to know better. If that’s the case, she’s too bloody young to be keeping every passenger aboard this Boeing 737-800 awake – put the damned child in the bloody kennels next time you want a holiday you selfish and inconsiderate pair of idiots!

(Can you tell I’m seriously pissed off?)


PS. It’s 22:05 on new year’s eve 2011 and I need to get some sleep before the drive home from Manchester airport and your fucking child is getting right on my tits. Shut it the fuck up NOW!

PPS. This post written on my Galaxy Tab while airbourne “somewhere over Europe”. Obviously I can’t post it from a plane, so you’ll get to see it some time after we have landed.

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