Installing Oracle Multimedia on 11g

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Installing Oracle Multimedia, which is required for Spatial and/or Locator is quite simple.

All of the following must be carried out while logged in as a SYSDBA user.

SQL> spool ordinst.log
SQL> @?/ord/admin/ordinst SYSAUX SYSAUX
SQL> spool off

SQL> spool catim.log
SQL> @?/ord/im/admin/catim
SQL> spool off

Lots of stuff will scroll up the screen but will also be copied to the spool files named. Check those for obvious errors, then check to see if it worked as follows:

SQL> select comp_id, version, status
  2  from dba_registry
  3  where comp_id = 'ORDIM';

---------- ----------     ---------

You can also force check the validity as follows, should you ever need to:

SQL> set serveroutput on

SQL> execute sys.validate_ordim;
PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

If there are any invalid objects in the ORDIM component, the above procedure will display a message about them and set the status column in the DBA_REGISTRY to INVALID. You should check the status after running the above.

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