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Registration is Suspended – For Now

Until further notice, subscribing to this blog, by self-registration, has been suspended. I can and will subscribe you on request – but see below for terms and conditions.

While, I was on holiday for a couple of weeks, over 4,000 spam users “registered” and I spent a lot of time devoted to cleaning up the mess. In addition I’m currently receiving about 100 new users per day – the vast majority are spam users.

Until further notice, user self-registration has been suspended so if you wish to register with this site, please email me a request to:

  • qdosmsq@
  • qdosmsq.dunbar-it

Obviously, you will need to string all three items above to make a valid email address – sorry, another attempt at reducing spam.

I will need all of the following to register you:

  • Your First name.
  • Your Last name.
  • Your desired nickname or username. (Will be displayed)
  • Your email address. Will not be displayed.

Note: for the time being, email addresses will not be accepted unless you can give me a pretty spectacular reason why I should. 99.99% of the spam registrations I get come from – so for now, I apologise if you are a valid hotmail user, but the scum have spoiled it for you I’m afraid. 🙁

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