Asmcmd or ASM Instance Backups or Queries Hang

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Sometimes an ASM instance hangs for no apparent reason and this causes problems when backing up the ASM Metadata. Running queries against V$ASM_DISK and similar views may also hang. This blog post should go some way to helping diagnose the problem, and providing a fix.

ASM metadata backups on a couple of our servers had been failing, the backups were run from a system called CommVault and the job scheduler there showed that they simply sat at 0% forever, or would have if we allowed them! There were no error messages or codes to speak of – the job simply sits in CommVault at 0% and never ends.

This was tracked down to the md_backup command being run from asmcmd. Running the command manually also just hung and the session had to be killed to release it.

Using sqlplus on the ASM instance and attempting to query V$ASM_DISK or other similar ASM views, also hung.

Looking at V$SESSION in the ASM instance, with the following query shows the problem:

set lines 350 trimspool on pages 300

select sid, state, event, seconds_in_wait, blocking_session
from   v$session
where  blocking_session is not null
or sid in (select blocking_session 
           from   v$session 
           where  blocking_session is not null)
order by sid;
---------- -------- --------------------- --------------- ----------------
        15 WAITING  enq: DD - contention            73683              254
        16 WAITING  enq: DD - contention            15692              254
        17 WAITING  enq: DD - contention           117109              254
        93 WAITING  enq: DD - contention            61107              254
        95 WAITING  enq: DD - contention           242327              254
        96 WAITING  enq: DD - contention            68731              254
       167 WAITING  GPnP Get Item                 2471652
       172 WAITING  enq: DD - contention           117109              254
       173 WAITING  enq: DD - contention           147026              254
       176 WAITING  enq: DD - contention            37787              254
       177 WAITING  enq: DD - contention           658138              254
       178 WAITING  enq: DD - contention            42238              254
       251 WAITING  enq: DD - contention           315711              254
       253 WAITING  enq: DD - contention            97075              254
       254 WAITING  rdbms ipc reply                     0              167
       255 WAITING  enq: DD - contention             4140              254
       257 WAITING  enq: DD - contention           521537              254

17 rows selected.

Almost all hung sessions are waiting for sid 254. Sid 254 is itself waiting on 167 which is not waiting on a session, but on the GPnP Get Item event.

A search of MOS shows that this is caused by an unpublished bug. Note 1375505.1 which mentions killing the gpnpd.bin process with a HUP, which will cause it to immediately restart, refers the reader to note 1392934.1 for full details. That latter note simply says:

kill -HUP 

Full details indeed!

In our specific case, the following was required:

ps -ef | grep -i g[p]npd
grid      4084     1  0  Jul 15  ?        04:37:48 /app/gridsoft/
su - grid
Password: ******

kill -HUP 4084

It can be seen that this is safe, according to Oracle, and the gpnpd.bin process will be automatically restarted – even on production systems!

ps -ef | grep -i g[p]npd
grid     19015     1 14 09:23:10 ?        00:00:00 /app/gridsoft/

It can be seen from the above that the daemon is running and has a new pid and start time. If we check in the database again, there will be no waiting sessions and the ASM Metadata backups will work, as will querying V$ASM_DISK etc.

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