Indoor Beekeeping? It Won’t Catch on!

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Check this link (sorry, it’s no longer available, but this link is the product being described – the Philips Urban Beehive.) for details. I’m saying nothing!

Except, maybe, I really can’t see it taking off.

Well, ok then. How do you stop the queen laying in the honey comb? There doesn’t appear to be a queen excluder – so your honey will have all sorts of stuff in it! Larvae, eggs, etc. It really won’t work!


2011 Honey Harvest – Let it Begin!

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On Sunday past, I took 11 full & capped super frames of lovely honey from the original hive, and checked the new hive. They are a bit behind and have not yet capped anything off. Hmmm, what are they up to I wonder?

The original hive got another full set of super frames to draw out and fill up. Seeing as how it’s getting late on in the year, I’m not sure we’ll get much more, if anything off of them – but you never know.

The third hive (well, nucleus box) is going to Peter as soon as we can get the little b*ggers to stay inside so that I can block off the entrance and get them transported. They are up early every morning and they stay out much later that I do at night! Women! 😉