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Convert a Tnsnames.ora File to a Toad Session Import File

   Send article as PDF    Have you ever wanted a quick and easy way of converting all those database entries in your tnsnames.ora file, into something that Toad can use to populate the “sessions” grid? Read on.

Tnsnames Checker Utility

   Send article as PDF    I have made available for free a utility that will parse a tnsnames.ora file and report back on anything that it doesn’t like such as duplicate entries, invalid characters, redefinitions of parameters, errors etc etc.

Shell Variable Indirection in a Database Build Script

   Send article as PDF    Ever wanted to set a variable to the name of another variable, and from there, somehow get the value of the other variable? I did, recently, and this is what I had to do.

Beware of the Silent Database Killer!

   Send article as PDF    There is, out there in Oracle Land, a silent database killer. You never know when it will strike and it affects all databases right up to and including 12c. When it strikes, it does so silently, there is no evidence of its passing, until it is far too late.

RMAN Error ORA-15028: Archived Log Not Dropped.

   Send article as PDF    The following error popped up in an RMAN backup which was attempting to delete archived logs that had been backed up twice, at least, and were created more than two days ago:

Oracle RAC – Flashback Database

   Send article as PDF    It was a simple enough request, flashback this particular database to a guaranteed restore point. What could possibly go wrong?

Tnsnames.ora Parser

   Send article as PDF    Have you ever wanted to use a tool to parse the manually typed up “stuff” that lives in a tnsnames.ora file, to be absolutely certain that it is correct? Ever wanted some tool to count all the opening and closing brackets match? I may just have the very thing […]

Impdp Hangs Importing Materialized Views

   Send article as PDF    A simple exercise to refresh a schema in a test database caused no end of problems when it hung at 99% complete. The last message on screen indicated that it was importing the Materialized Views (yes, with a ‘Z’). After a long time, the DBA running the import killed […]

Interesting Data Guard Problem

   Send article as PDF    While checking out a dataguarded database prior to being handed over into production, I needed to test that both OEM and dgmgrl could carry out a switchover and failover from the (stand-alone) primary db (ORCL_PDB) to the physical standby database (ORCL_SBY), and back again.

So, How Do You Change a User’s Password

   Send article as PDF    The Oracle database allows the users to change their passwords as follows:

Introduction to Oracle Datapump – Part 2

   Send article as PDF    In this, the second part of the Introduction to Oracle Datapump mini-series, we take a look at importing dump files using impdp. If you missed the first part which concentrated on exporting with expdp, have a read of it here. Once again, the following is a quick introduction for […]

Introduction to Oracle Datapump – Part 1

   Send article as PDF    Oracle Datapump, aka expdp and impdp were introduced at Oracle 10g to replace the old faithful exp and imp utilities. Many DBAs around the world find that it’s hard to change from what we know like the back of our hand, to something new. We need to change because […]

Oracle RMAN for Beginners – Part 10

   Send article as PDF    A slight variation on the incremental backups. In this (short) article, I demonstrate the use of database file copy backups which are themselves updated on a regular basis to avoid having to restore and recover using numerous incremental backups.

Oracle RMAN for Beginners – Part 9

   Send article as PDF    It’s been a while since the previous post in this series, but I’m back again. This time out, we are looking at incremental backups. What they are, how they work, and how – of course – to take them and use the to restore and recover your databases.

Oracle Proxy Users – What Are They Used For?

   Send article as PDF    This post has also been categorised under “rants and raves” as you will see below! Oracle 10g was the first time that proxy users could be used easily from SQL. Prior to that only Java and/or OCI programs could use them. They’ve been around since 8i, but not (well) […]