Arduino Christmas Light

Here’s a short Arduino sketch that will fade and flash an LED on pin 9. Works a treat on a Shrimp as well. Which is what mine runs on – my Breaded Shrimp which stared like on a tiny breadboard like the one at the end of the above link, but which is now permanently soldered onto a piece of copper “breadboard” as you can see in the image that’s around here somewhere. Continue reading Arduino Christmas Light

My Step-Father’s Cremation

Antonio Enrico Martini was cremated on 19th April 2013. He had been a chef for many years and one of his friends, whose name I shall add here when I remember it – read this Address to a chef when Enrico retired in 1987. The version below, was amended from the 1987 version. Both are based on Address to a Pudding by Rabbie Burns. Continue reading My Step-Father’s Cremation