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 +====== Linux Musings & Ramblings ======
 +Welcome to the Linux part of my site. As mentioned on the introduction page, I'm trying to create a Linux file system to allow me to mount my QDOS floppy discs - only the QL5A (DS/DD) and QL5B (DS/HD) formats though - at first in a read only mode. Time will tell if I succeed, but these pages show progress as and when it might happen! The link below will take you to the sorry tale of that escapade.
 +   * [[linux:fs:start|Writing a Linux Filesystem for QDOS floppy discs.]]
 +The links below (if there are some) will take you to other Linux stuff that I have come across.
 +   * [[linux:kernel:start|Compiling a stock kernel.]]
 +   * [[linux:udev:start|Writing udev rules.]]
 +   * [[linux:stuff:start|General Linux stuff.]]
 +The following links are for my recent upgrade to OpenSuse 11.2.
 +  * [[linux:suse:start|OpenSuse 11.2 stuff.]]
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