These are the error codes that QDOSMSQ can return from a vectored utility, a Trap or from SuperBasic extensions.

When writing assembler routines, it is always advised to explicitly check the value in D0.L for an error code. This is done quickest using :

        trap    #n                ; Do the trap.
        tst.l   d0                ; Did it work?
        beq.s   all_ok            ; Yes, all is well

errors  :                         ; Handle errors here
        bra     kill_job          ; And exit the job, or code somehow.
all_ok  :                         ; Carry on from here if all worked.

Some traps and vectored utilities do not set the Z flag before returning which is why you have to do it. Well, actually, it's not that they don't set it but when you call a trap, the status register is stacked for the duration and restored at the end, so while D0 may have an appropriate error code in it, the Z flag's state is unknown. A vector should always have correctly set the Z flag, so save some coding and execution time by simply checking the Z flag, as follows:

        move.w  <whatever>,a2     ; Get the vectored routine.
        jsr     (a2)              ; Do it.
        beq.s   vec_ok            ; All is well, skip error handler.

v_error :                         ; Handle errors here
        bra     kill_job          ; And exit the job, or code somehow.
vec_ok  :                         ; Carry on from here if all worked.
ValueQDOS MnemonicSMS MnemonicDescription
-1ERR_NCERR_NCOperation not complete .
-2ERR_NJERR_IJOBNot a (valid) job.
-3ERR_OMERR_IMEMOut of memory.
-4ERR_ORERR_ORNGOut of range.
-5ERR_BOERR_BFFLBuffer overflow.
-6ERR_NOERR_ICHNChannel not open.
-7ERR_NFERR_FDNFFile or device not found.
-8ERR_EXERR_FEXFile already exists.
-9ERR_IUERR_FDIUFile or device already in use.
-10ERR_EFERR_EOFEnd of file.
-11ERR_DFERR_DRFLDrive full.
-12ERR_BNERR_INAMBad device.
Transmission error
Parity error (SMS only).
-14ERR_FFERR_FMTFFormat failed.
-15ERR_BPERR_IPARBad parameter.
-16ERR_FEERR_MCHKFile error.
-17ERR_EXERR_IEXPExpression error.
-18ERR_OVERR_OVFLArithmetic overflow.
-19ERR_NIERR_NIMPNot implemented.
-20ERR_ROERR_RDORead only.
-21ERR_BLERR_ISYNBad line of Basic.
-22 ERR_RWFRead/write failed (SMS only).
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