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 +====== Memory Map ======
 +The original QDOS memory map is shown below. This is still valid on the old black boxes, but Trump Cards, Gold Cards, Super Gold Cards, Aurora etc may/will have changed things about. I currently have no information on these devices so I cannot document them here. I have requested details using the QL newsgroup and as information arrives, I shall add it here.
 +^From address^To address^Usage^
 +|$C0000 |$FFFFF |Peripheral ROMS - up to 16 each a maximum of 16Kb in size.|
 +|$40000 |$BFFFF |Expansion RAM up to 512 KB.|
 +|$30000 |$3FFFF |Remainder of original 128Kb RAM|
 +|$28000 |$2FFFF |System variables & screen 2 - total 32K|
 +|$20000 |$27FFF |Screen 1 - 32 Kb|
 +|$1C000 |$1FFFF |External I/O|
 +|$18000 |$1BFFF |Internal I/O|
 +|$10000 |$17FFF |External I/O|
 +|$0C000 |$0FFFF |External ROM slot - 16Kb|
 +|$00000 |$0BFFF |Internal 48K ROM|
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