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 +====== IOP.PICK ====== 
 +This trap picks a window. 
 +^Call Parameters^^Return Parameters^^ 
 +|D0.B|$7C|D0.L|Error returns| 
 +|D1.L|Job ID or key|D1.L|Preserved| 
 +|D2.L|0 or k.wake|D2.L|Preserved| 
 +|A0.L|Window channel ID|A0.L|Preserved| 
 +==== Errors ==== 
 +|ERR_NO|Channel not open| 
 +|ERR_NJ|Invalid job ID| 
 +==== Notes ==== 
 +  * All registers not mentioned above are unused and preserved. 
 +  * If D1.L is a valid job ID that job is picked to the top of the pile. If the key in D1.L is -1 the job at the bottom will be picked to the top. If the key is -2, the job will, in addition, be marked "unlockable"
 +  * If D2.L is set to k.wake, a wake event is sent after the job is picked. Note that this should be used very sparingly if at all. 
 +  * A0.L must contain the channel of an open window. Although this window is not in fact used, there has to be one open to allow the "picking" to take place.
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