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This Trap restores part of a window.

Call ParametersReturn Parameters
D0.B$6ED0.LError code
D1.Lx,y start of block in areaD1.LPreserved
D2.L<>0 to keep save areaD2.LPreserved
A0.LWindow channel IDA0.LPreserved
A1.LPointer to window blockA1.LPreserved
A2.LAddress of save areaA2.LPreserved
ERR_NOChannel not open
ERR_OROut of range
  • All registers not listed above are unused and preserved.
  • If D2.L is 0 the save area is returned to the common heap.
  • The window block is a set of four words giving x,y size and x,y position as in IOP.SVPW.
  • This Trap complements IOP.SVPW which sets up and fills a save area.

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