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Information Object List

For each information window containing objects there is a list of these objects. Each list is terminated by a word containing -1. An entry in the list has the form shown here.

Name      Off Size Description
wwo_xsiz  $00 word width in pixels
wwo_ysiz  $02 word height in pixels
wwo_xorg  $04 word x origin
wwo_yorg  $06 word y origin
wwo_type  $08 byte See Note
wwo_spar  $09 byte spare


wwo_ink   $0a word text ink colour
wwo_csiz  $0c word text character size


wwo_comb  $0a long pointer to pattern or blob

wwo_pobj  $0e long pointer to object
wwo.elen  $12 entry length


  • The types are:
    • 0 = Text
    • 2 = Sprite
    • 4 = Blob
    • 6 = Pattern
  • At offset $0a the first option applies to type 0, Text. The second possibility applies to types 4 and 6. A blob must have an associated pattern and vice versa.
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