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Information Sub-Windows

The definition of information sub-windows as part of the window working definition follows that for the window definition but with long word absolute pointers.

The definitions are in a list $14 bytes long terminated by a word containing -1.

Information Window List

Name      Off      Size   Description
wwi_xsiz  $00      word   width in pixels
wwi_ysiz  $02      word   height in pixels
wwi_xorg  $04      word   x origin         (See Notes)
wwi_yorg  $06      word   y origin              "
wwi_watt  $08             window attributes
wwi_pobj  $10      long   pointer to information object list
wwi.elen  $14             length of list entry


  • The form of the information object list is given here. As with the list of information windows it is terminated with a word containing -1.
  • The sub-window origin is the pixel position of the top left of the sub-window with respect to the top left corner of the main window.
  • The window attributes are given in the Working Definition
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