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 +====== IOP.SVPW ======
 +This Trap saves part of a window.
 +^Call Parameters^^Return Parameters^^
 +|D0.B|$6D|D0.L|Error code|
 +|D1.L|x,y start of block in area|D1.L|Address of save area|
 +|D2.L|0 or x,y size of save area|D2.L|Preserved|
 +|A0.L|Window channel ID|A0.L|Preserved|
 +|A1.L|Pointer to window block|A1.L|Preserved|
 +|A2.L|Address of save area (D2 = 0)|A2.L|Preserved|
 +===== Errors =====
 +|ERR_NO|Channel not open|
 +|ERR_OR|Out of range|
 +|ERR_OM|Out of memory (D2<>0 only)|
 +===== Notes =====
 +  *All registers not listed above are unused and preserved.
 +  *The pixel position in D1.L defines the start of the save area to which the block defined by A1 is to be put.
 +  *If D2 is 0 there must be a save area already set up with an address given in A2, otherwise an area is set up of the size given in D2 and its address is returned in D1.L.
 +  *The window block to which A1.L points defines the area to be saved.  Its form is given below. The origin is relative to the window whose ID is in A0.
 +==== Window Block ====
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