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Trap #3 - Pointer Environment

D0 KeyMnemonicDescription
$6C IOP.FLIM Find window limits
$6D IOP.SVPW Partial window save
$6E IOP.RSPW Partial window restore
$6F IOP.SLNK Set linkage block
$70 IOP.PINF Information enquiry
$71 IOP.RPTR Read pointer
$72 IOP.RPXL Read pixel at x,y
$73 IOP.WBLB Write blob at x,y
$74 IOP.LBLB Write line of blobs
$75 Not implemented
$76 IOP.WSPT Write sprite at x,y
$77 IOP.SPRY Spray pixels in blob
$78 Not implemented
$79 Not implemented
$7A IOP.OUTL Set window outline
$7B IOP.SPTR Set pointer position
$7C IOP.PICK Pick window
$7D IOP.SWDF Set sub-window definition pointer
$7E IOP.WSAV Save window area
$7F IOP.WRST Restore window area
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