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WM.CHWIN - Vector $40

To move a window or change its size.

Call ParametersReturn Parameters
D1 x,y pointer move
D4 0 or pt..wsiz
A0 channel ID
A4 pointer to working definition A4 preserved


ORNGOut of range


  • No other registers are used.
  • For a move, WM.CHWIN just moves the window and sets D4 to zero.
  • For a change size, WM.CHWIN sets the change in size in D1 and sets D4 to pt..wsiz (the window size event number - 6).
  • The change in size is measured as Xnew - Xold, Ynew - Yold. Thus a move downwards and to the right gives positive values for both x and y.
  • If the call to WM.CHWIN is incorporated in an action routine a move will not cause an exit from reading the pointer though a change size will.
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