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 +====== WM.DRBDR - Vector $44 ======
 +Draws or clears a border round the current item.
 +^Call Parameters^^Return Parameters^^
 +|  A0  |channel ID|  A0  |preserved|
 +|  A1  |status area|  A1  |preserved|
 +==== Errors ====
 +Any I/O sub system errors
 +==== Notes ====
 +  *No other registers are used.
 +  *To clear the border round the current item:
 +    *Set the most significant bit of ws_citem.
 +    *If ws_ciact is clear call WM.DRBDR else call the routine to which ws_ciact points and then clear ws_ciact.
 +  *To set the border round the current item:
 +    *Set ws_citem, ws_cibrw, ws_cipap (to the highlight colour) and the hit area ws_cihit.
 +    *Call WM.DRBDR.
 +    *Reset ws_cipap to the background colour.
 +  *The meanings of ws_citem etc are given below.
 +==== Status Area ====
 +The format of the part of the status area concerning the current item is given here.
 +|ws_ciact|  $2C  |long|pointer to current action routine|
 +|ws_citem|  $30  |word|current item in sub-window|
 +|ws_cibrw|  $32  |word|current item border width|
 +|ws_cipap|  $34  |word|paper colour behind current item|
 +|ws_cispr|  $36  |word|spare|
 +|ws_cihit|  $38  |  |current item hit area (absolute co-ordinates)|
 +|ws_cihxs|  $38  |word|hit area x-size|
 +|ws_cihys|  $3A  |word|hit area y-size|
 +|ws_cihxo|  $3C  |word|hit area x-origin in sub-window|
 +|ws_cihyo|  $3E  |word|hit area y-origin in sub-window| 
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