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WM.MHIT - Vector $34

Standard application window hit routine

Call ParametersReturn Parameters
D1.L x,y pointer position D1 preserved
D2 uppercased keystroke or 0 D2 preserved
D3 -1
D4.B 0 or pt__do (2) D4.B preserved
A0 channel ID
A3 pointer to sub window definition A3 preserved
A4 pointer to working definition A4 preserved


Any I/O sub system errors


  • This routine is the standard application window hit routine expected to be called by JMP WM.MHIT(A2).
  • The routine automatically marks the menu items and calls their action routines when needed.
  • There is no need to set the call parameters as they are set automatically before WM.MHIT is called.
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