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WM.PANSC - Vector $38

Pan/Scroll standard menu

Call ParametersReturn Parameters
D2.W Item number D2 preserved
D3.L position of "hit" or -1 D3 preserved
D4.B pan or scroll event D4.L 0
A0 channel ID A0 preserved
A3 pointer to sub window definition A3 preserved
A4 pointer to working definition A4 preserved


D0 and the status register must be set


  • This routine is expected to be called by JMP WM.PANSC(A2) which will be set as the application window control routine. It could also be called by WM.MHIT.
  • It is not necessary to set the call parameters since they will have been already set by either WM.RPTR or WM.MHIT.
  • This routine deals with panning, scrolling, splitting and joining.
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