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WM.SETUP - Vector $04

Sets up a working definition from a window definition.

Call ParametersReturn Parameters
D1 x,y size, or 0, or -1 D1 x.y size
A0 channel ID A0 is preserved
A1 pointer to status area A1 is preserved
A3 pointer to window definition A2 is preserved
A4 pointer to working definition A4 is preserved


None (D0 is always zero)


  • No other registers are used.
  • The size given in D1 will usually be that found from WM.FSIZE. When D1 is zero the default size is used. If D1 is -1 the size and position in the (existing) working definition will not be changed.
  • The working definition is set up without completion of application windows. If there is a standard menu this can be set up by supplying the standard routine " jmp WM.SMENU(a2)".
  • The area to which A4 points will normally have been allocated from the common heap and must be large enough to contain the working definition. The size of that area will usually be supplied by the program (such as SETW) setting up the window definition.
  • For application windows with a menu this routine calls the application sub window setup routine to which the window definition points. This routine would normally be JMP WM.SMENU(A2).
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