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 +====== WM.SWLIT - Vector $5C ======
 +This vector sets a window to a loose item.
 +^Call Parameters^^Return Parameters^^
 +|D1.W|Loose item number|D1.L|Preserved.|
 +|D2.L|Item status|D2.L|Preserved.|
 +|A4.L|Pointer to working definition|A4.L|Preserved.|
 +===== Errors =====
 +Any IO sub system errors and:
 +|ERR_OR|Out of range.|
 +===== Notes =====
 +  *Any register not shown above is not used and is preserved.
 +  *If D2.L is negative, only the window area is set. Otherwise the item will be set to the status requested (available, selected or unavailable) and the "over" state set to 0. The codes for available, selected and unavailable are the bytes $00, $80 and $10.
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