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 +====== WM.SWSEC - Vector $64 ====== 
 +This vector sets a window to an application sub-window section. 
 +^Call Parameters^^Return Parameters^^ 
 +|D1.L|See Notes|D1|Preserved| 
 +|D2.L|Ink colour or -1|D2.L|Preserved| 
 +|A3.L|Pointer to sub-window definition|A3.L|Preserved| 
 +|A4.L|Pointer to working definition|A4.L|Preserved| 
 +==== Errors ==== 
 +Any I/O sub system errors 
 +==== Notes ==== 
 +  * Any registers not mentioned above are unused and preserved. 
 +  *The QPTR Manual states that D1.L should be set to a section of the application  window. In fact, in SMSQ/E v 3.13 D1 is ignored and the window is set to the whole application window excluding any scroll bars. 
 +  *Id D2.L is set to -1, only the size and origin of the window are altered. Otherwise the ink is set to the value in D2.B, the paper and strip to that in the working definition and the OVER state to 0.
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