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WM.UPBAR - Vector $70

This vector updates pan or scroll bars.

Call ParametersReturn Parameters
D0.LSection to updateD0.LError return
A0.LWindow channel IDA0.LPreserved
A3.LPointer to application window definitionA3.LPreserved
A4.LPointer to working definitionA4.LPreserved


Any I/O sub system errors.


  • Any registers not mentioned above are not used and are preserved.
  • On entry D0.L contains x in its upper word and y in its lower word, where x and y are the numbers of the pan and scroll sections whose scroll bar is to be updated. If D0.L is -1 no updating occurs.
  • The scroll bar is moved to accord with the information given in the control block for the section requested. It should normally be the case that the items appearing in the section correspond with the information in the control block. In other words, it is expected that the printed contents of the section and the contents of the control block have both been updated but that the scroll bar has not.
  • Normally this operation is carried out by WM.PANSC so that the user does not need this vector.
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