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 +====== IOP.WRST ====== 
 +This trap restores a window area saved by [[wsav|IOP.WSAV]]. 
 +^Call Parameters^^Return Parameters^^ 
 +|D0.B|$7E|D0.L|Error return| 
 +|D2.B|<>0 to keep save area|D2.L|Preserved| 
 +|A0.L|Window channel ID|A0.L|Preserved| 
 +|A1.L|Address of save area or 0|A1.L|Preserved| 
 +==== Error ==== 
 +|ERR_NO|Channel not open| 
 +==== Notes ==== 
 +  * All registers not mentioned above are unused and preserved. 
 +  * A1.L should be set to zero if the window area was saved internally. This is not recommended as the internal save area might have been used for other purposes since the window area was last saved by [[wsav|IOP.WSAV]].
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