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This trap saves a window area.

Call ParametersReturn Parameters
D0.B$7ED0.LError return
D1.LLength of save area or 0D1.LPreserved
A0.LWindow channel IDA0.LPreserved
A1.LAddress of save area (D1 > 0A1.LPreserved


ERR_NOChannel not open
ERR_OMOut of memory


  • All registers not listed above are unused and preserved.
  • The hit area of the window is saved by this trap. It can be either saved to an area supplied by the user, in which case the length of the area is given in D1.L and its address in A1.L, or saved internally. The second option is not recommended, but if it is chosen, both D1 and A1 must be set zero.
  • The space required to save the area depends on the mode. If the hit area is x-size wide and y-size deep and the mode is 32 or 33 the number of bytes needed is 4 plus the product of x-size rounded up to an even number and y-size.
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