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These Traps write a sprite or a blob to a position in a window.

TrapValue in D0.BAction
IOP.WSPT$76Writes a sprite
IOP.WBLB$73Writes a blob
IOP.SPRY$77Sprays pixels
Call ParametersReturn Parameters
D0.BSee aboveD0.LError code
D1.Lx,y coordinatesD1.LPreserved
D2.L0 or number of pixelsD2.LPreserved
A0.LWindow channel IDA0.LPreserved
A1.LPointer to sprite or blobA1.LPreserved
A2.LPointer to pattern (for blob)A2.LPreserved


ERR_NOChannel not open
ERR_OROut of range
ERR_BPBad parameter


  • The x,y pixel coordinates, which define where the origin of the sprite will be placed, in D1.L are relative to the window in A0.
  • Internal sprites can be written by setting a small number in A1 instead of an address. See the table below.
  • IOP.SPRY randomly sprays D2.L pixels onto a blob.
  • A2.L is not used for IOP.WSPT.
  • For GD2 colours eg modes 32 and 33 IOP.SPRY is not implemented. If it is used it will return the error "bad parameter". This Trap does however work with mode 4.

Sprite Table

SP.NULL$02empty window
SP.MODE$03wrong mode (4 or 8)
SP.KEY$04keyboard entry
SP.BUSY$05no entry sign
SP.WMOVE$06window move
SP.WSIZE$07window change size


The example shows how to write a move sprite. We assume that A0 contains the window channel ID.

wrt_mve   movea.w   #6,a1      ; "Move sprite" code
          move.l    #$a000a,d1 ; Print at 10,10
          moveq     #-1,d3     ; Timeout
          moveq     #$76,d0    ; IOP.WSPT
          trap      #3         ; Write the sprite
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