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 +====== SuperBasic Error Codes ======
 +These are the errors codes that QDOS can return from a vectored utility, a Trap or from SuperBasic extensions. When writing assembler routines, it is always advised to explicitly check the value in D0.L for an error code. 
 +^Value>​^QDOS Mnemonic^SMS Mnemonic^Description^
 +|-1 |ERR_NC |ERR_NC |Operation not complete|
 +|-2 |ERR_NJ |ERR_IJOB |Not a (valid) job|
 +|-3 |ERR_OM |ERR_IMEM |Out of memory|
 +|-4 |ERR_OR |ERR_ORNG |Out of range|
 +|-5 |ERR_BO |ERR_BFFL |Buffer overflow|
 +|-6 |ERR_NO |ERR_ICHN |Channel not open|
 +|-7 |ERR_NF |ERR_FDNF |File or device not found|
 +|-8 |ERR_EX |ERR_FEX |File already exists|
 +|-9 |ERR_IU |ERR_FDIU |File or device already in use|
 +|-10 |ERR_EF |ERR_EOF |End of file|
 +|-11 |ERR_DF |ERR_DRFL |Drive full|
 +|-12 |ERR_BN |ERR_INAM |Bad device|
 +|-13 |ERR_TE |ERR_TRNS <​html><​BR></​html>​ERR_PRTY|Transmission error<​html><​BR></​html>​Parity error (SMS only)|
 +|-14 |ERR_FF |ERR_FMTF |Format failed|
 +|-15 |ERR_BP |ERR_IPAR |Bad parameter|
 +|-16 |ERR_FE |ERR_MCHK |File error|
 +|-17 |ERR_EX |ERR_IEXP |Expression error|
 +|-18 |ERR_OV |ERR_OVFL |Arithmetic overflow|
 +|-19 |ERR_NI |ERR_NIMP |Not implemented|
 +|-20 |ERR_RO |ERR_RDO |Read only|
 +|-21 |ERR_BL |ERR_ISYN |Bad line of Basic|
 +|-22 |Not a QDOS error code |ERR_RWF |Read/write failed (SMS only)|
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