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This trap sets printer translate tables.

Call ParametersReturn Parameters
D1.LPrinter translate code.D1.LCorrupted.


No errors are returned by this trap.


  • All registers not shown above are not used on entry and are preserved on exit.
  • The following three codes in D1 provides almost complete backward compatibility with the QDOS MT_TRA call:
    • 0 - disable translate.
    • 1 - enable translate. If a user table has previously been set this will reset that table. This does not correspond with MT_TRA which would reset the default table.
    • Pointer to a table - set that table.
  • New codes are as follows:
    • MSW of D1 = language code and LSW = -1 sets a language dependent table without enabling translate.
    • MSW of D1 = language code and LSW = 1 sets a language dependent table and enables translate.
    • D1.L = 3 sets IBM translate.
    • D1.L = 5 sets GEM translate.


The example below shows the use of this trap call to set a French translate table and enable translate.

        moveq   #33,d1          ; French dialling code . .
        swap    d1              ; . . to MSW
        addq.w  #1,d1           ; Enable translate
        moveq   #$33,d0         ; SMS_PSET
        trap    #1              ; Set the table and enable translate
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