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 +====== MT_SUSJB/SMS_SSJB ======
 +Suspend an existing job. (ok, how do I suspend a non-existing job then? LOL)
 +^Call Parameters^^Return Parameters^^
 +|D0.B|$08|D0.L|Error code.|
 +|D1.L|Id of the job to be suspended. -1 indicates the current job. |D1.L|Preserved. Unless the job id of -1 was used on entry, in which case the return value is the job id of the current job.|
 +|D3.W|Timeout period in frames. -1 indicates indefinite suspension.|D3.L|Preserved.|
 +|A0.L|Unused. |A0.L|Base address of suspended job.|
 +|A1.L|Address of the flag byte (see below) or zero. |A1.L|Preserved. (or is it? See notes below.).|
 +===== Errors =====
 +|ERR_NJ|Invalid job id.|
 +===== Notes =====
 +  * All registers not shown above are not used on entry and are preserved on exit.
 +  * A1.L is documented as being preserved, but personal experience has shown that it is //not always// preserved.
 +  * The value in D3.W is stored in the job's header at JB_STAT.
 +  * The value in A1.L is stored in the header at JB_HOLD. The flag byte at (A1) will be cleared when the job is released (unsupended) again.
 +  * A frame period is 1/50th of a second in UK/Europe but 1/60th in the USA.
 +  * If the job being suspended is already suspended, then the current suspend period is changed to the new one, and the job is re-suspended for the new period of time in full.
 +  * This trap always exits via the job scheduler, so it is not atomic.
 +===== Example =====
 +The following shows the use of this call :
 +        moveq   #mt_susjb,d0    ; Trap code
 +        moveq   #-1,d1          ; Suspend myself
 +        moveq   #50,d3          ; Suspend for 50 frames
 +        suba.l  a0,a0           ; No flag byte required
 +        trap    #1              ; Suspend the job
 +        <Do stuff here whan the suspension is over>
 +        :
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