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Trap #1 - Manager Traps.

D0 KeyQDOS MnemonicSMS MnemonicDescription
$00 MT_INF SMS_INFO Get system information
$01 MT_CJOB SMS_CRJB Create but do not ativate a new job
$02 MT_JINF SMS_INJB Get information for an existing job
$03 Not implemented
$04 MT_RJOB SMS_RMJB Remove an existing job
$05 MT_FRJOB SMS_FRJB Force remove an existing job
$06 MT_FREE SMS_FRTP Find the maximum amount of free memory
$07 MT_TRAPV SMS_EXV Set the TRAP Vector table in RAM
$08 MT_SUSJB SMS_SSJB Suspend an existing job
$09 MT_RELJB SMS_USJB Release an existing job from suspension
$0A MT_ACTIV SMS_ACJB Activate a newly created job
$0B MT_PRIOR SMS_SPJB Set a job's priority
$0C MT_ALLOC SMS_ALHP Allocate user heap space
$0D MT_LNKFR SMS_REHP Free allocated user heap space
$0E MT_ALRES SMS_ARPA Allocate resident procedure space
$0F MT_RERES Not Implemented Release allocated resident procedure space
$10 MT_DMODE SMS_DMOD Read or set the display mode
$11 MT_IPCOM SMS_HDOP Use the IPC second processor commands
$12 MT_BAUD SMS_COMM Set the baud rate for the serial ports
$13 MT_RCLCK SMS_RRTC Read the system clock
$14 MT_SCLCK SMS_SRTC Set the system clock
$15 MT_ACLCK SMS_ARTC Adjust the system clock
$16 MT_ALBAS SMS_AMPA Allocate SuperBasic space
$17 MT_REBAS SMS_RMPA Free allocated SuperBasic space
$18 MT_ALCHP SMS_ACHPAllocate space in the common heap
$19 MT_RECHP SMS_RCHP Release allocated space in the common heap
$1A MT_LXINT SMS_LEXI Link an external interrupt handler routine
$1B MT_RXINT SMS_REXI Unlink an external interrupt handler routine
$1C MT_LPOLL SMS_LPOL Link a polled task
$1D MT_RPOLL SMS_RPOL Unlink a polled task
$1E MT_LSCHD SMS_LSHD Link a scheduler task
$1F MT_RSCHD SMS_RSHD Unlink a scheduler task
$20 MT_LIOD SMS_LIOD Link a new I/O driver
$21 MT_RIOD SMS_RIOD Unlink an I/O driver
$22 MT_LDD SMS_LFSD Link a new directory driver
$23 MT_RDD SMS_RFSD Unlink a directory driver
$24 MT_TRA SMS_TRNS Set TRA & message tables

The following are not found in the original QDOS and are SMS only.

D0 KeySMS MnemonicDescription
$26 SMS_LTHG Link a Thing into the Thing list
$27 SMS_RTHG Unlink a Thing from the Thing list
$28 SMS_UTHG Use a Thing
$29 SMS_FTHG Free a Thing
$2A SMS_ZTHG Zap a Thing
$2B SMS_NTHG Get next Thing
$2C SMS_NTHU Get next Thing user

The following are now in SMSQ.

D0 KeyMnemonicDescription
$25 SMS_XTOP Do external operation
$2E SMS_IOPR IO priority
$2F SMS_CACH Cache handling
$30 SMS_LIDM Link in language dependent module
$31 SMS_LENQ Language enquiry
$32 SMS_LSET Language set
$33 SMS_PSET Printer translate set
£34 SMS_MPTR Find a message pointer
$35 SMS_FPRM Find preferred module
$36 Unimplemented
$37 Unimplemented
$38 SMS_SCHP Shrink allocation in common heap
$39 Unimplemented
$3A SMS_SEVT Send event to job
$3B SMS_WEVT Wait for event
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