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 |  $28  |SD_SETST |IOW_SSTR |[[SPAP|Set strip colour]]| |  $28  |SD_SETST |IOW_SSTR |[[SPAP|Set strip colour]]|
 |  $29  |SD_SETIN |IOW_SINK |[[SPAP|Set ink colour]]| |  $29  |SD_SETIN |IOW_SINK |[[SPAP|Set ink colour]]|
-|  $2A  |SD_SETFL |IOW_SFLA |[[SFLA|Set flash mode]]|+|  $2A  |SD_SETFL |IOW_SFLA |[[SULA|Set flash mode]]|
 |  $2B  |SD_SETUL |IOW_SULA |[[SULA|Set underline mode]]| |  $2B  |SD_SETUL |IOW_SULA |[[SULA|Set underline mode]]|
 |  $2C  |SD_SETMD |IOW_SOVA |[[SOVA|Set PRINT mode]]| |  $2C  |SD_SETMD |IOW_SOVA |[[SOVA|Set PRINT mode]]|
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