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Trap #3 - Input Output Traps

D0 KeyQDOS MnemonicSMS MnemonicDescription
$00 IO_PEND IOB_TEST Test for pending input
$01 IO_FBYTE IOB_FBYT Fetch a byte
$02 IO_FLINE IOB_FLIN Fetch a line of bytes
$03 IO_FSTRG IOB_FMUL Fetch a string
$04 IO_EDLIN IOB_ELIN Edit a line
$05 IO_SBYTE IOB_SBYT Send one byte
$06 - IOB_SUMLSend a string of untranslated bytes
$07 IO_SSTRG IOB_SMUL Send a string of bytes
$08 Not implemented
$09 SD_EXTOP IOW_XTOP Calls an external screen operation
$0A SD_PXENQ IOW_PIXQ Get window size/cursor position (pixels)
$0B SD_CHENQ IOW_CHRQ Get window size/cursor position (Characters)
$0C SD_BORDR IOW_DEFB Sets the border on a window
$0D SD_WDEF IOW_DEFW Re-defines a window
$0E SD_CURE IOW_ECUR Enable a cursor
$0F SD_CURS IOW_DCUR Disable a cursor
$10 SD_POS IOW_SCUR Set cursor position
$11 SD_TAB IOW_SCOL Set horizontal cursor position
$12 SD_NL IOW_NEWL Do a newline
$13 SD_PCOL IOW_PCOL Cursor to previous column
$14 SD_NCOL IOW_NCOL Cursor to next column
$15 SD_PROW IOW_PROW Cursor to previous row
$16 SD_NROW IOW_NROW Cursor to next row
$17 SD_PIXP IOW_SPIX Set cursor position by pixel
$18 SD_SCROL IOW_SCRA Scroll window
$19 SD_SCRTP IOW_SCRT Scroll top of window
$1A SD_SCRBT IOW_SCRB Scroll bottom of window
$1B SD_PAN IOW_PANA Pan window
$1C Not implemented
$1D Not implemented
$1E SD_PANLN IOW_PANL Pan cursor line
$1F SD_PANRT IOW_PANR Pan right side of cursor line
$20 SD_CLEAR IOW_CLRA Clears a window
$21 SD_CLRTP IOW_CLRT Clear the top of a window
$22 SD_CLRBT IOW_CLRB Clear the bottom of a window
$23 SD_CLRLN IOW_CLRL Clears the whole of the cursor line
$24 SD_CLRRT IOW_CLRR Clears the right side of the cursor line
$25 SD_FOUNT IOW_FONT Set the fonts for a window
$26 SD_RECOL IOW_RCLR Recolour a window
$27 SD_SETPA IOW_SPAP Set paper colour
$28 SD_SETST IOW_SSTR Set strip colour
$29 SD_SETIN IOW_SINK Set ink colour
$2A SD_SETFL IOW_SFLA Set flash mode
$2B SD_SETUL IOW_SULA Set underline mode
$2D SD_SETSZ IOW_SSIZ Set character size
$2E SD_FILL IOW_BLOK Fill a block
$2F SD_DONL IOW_DONL Do a pending new line
$30 SD_POINT IOG_DOT Plot a point
$31 SD_LINE IOG_LINE Draw a line
$32 SD_ARC IOG_ARC Draw an arc of a circle
$33 SD_ELIPS IOG_ELIP Draw an ellipse (or circle)
$34 SD_SCALE IOG_SCAL Set the scale in a window
$35 SD_FLOOD IOG_FILL Set fill mode
$36 SD_GCUR IOG_SGCR Set cursor position using graphics co-ordinates
$37-$3F Not implemented
$40 FS_CHECK IOF_CHEK Check pending operations on a file
$41 FS_FLUSH IOF_FLSH Flush a file's buffers to the device
$42 FS_POSAB IOF_POSA Set file position by absolute address
$43 FS_POSRE IOF_POSR Set file position by relative address
$44 Not implemented Not implemented Originally reserved for rename
$45 FS_MDINF IOF_MINF Get medium information
$46 FS_HEADS IOF_SHDR Set a file header
$47 FS_HEADR IOF_RHDR Read a file header
$48 FS_LOAD IOF_LOAD Load a file
$49 FS_SAVE IOF_SAVE Save a file
$4A FS_RENAME IOF_RNAM Rename a file
$4B FS_TRUNCATE IOF_TRNC Truncate a file at its current position
$4C Not implemented IOF_DATE Set or get a file's date(s)
$4D Not implemented IOF_MKDIR Create a new directory
$4E Not implemented IOF_VERS Set or get a file's version
$4F Not implemented IOF_XINF Get extended information
$50 Not implemented IOW_PAPP Palette colour paper
$51 Not implemented IOW_STRP Palette colour strip
$52 Not implemented IOW_INKP Palette colour ink
$53 Not implemented IOW_BORP Palette colour border
$54 Not implemented IOW_PAPT True colour paper
$55 Not implemented IOW_STRT True colour strip
$56 Not implemented IOW_INKT True colour ink
$57 Not implemented IOW_BORT True colour border
$58 Not implemented IOW_PAPN Native colour paper
$59 Not implemented IOW_STRN Native colour strip
$5A Not implemented IOW_INKN Native colour ink
$5B Not implemented IOW_BORN Native colour border
$5C Not implemented IOW_BLKP Palette colour block
$5D Not implemented IOW_BLKT True colour block
$5E Not implemented IOW_BLKN Native colour block
$5F Not implemented
$60 Not implemented IOW_PALQ Define QL palette
$61 Not implemented IOW_PAL8 Define 8 bit palette
$62-$6ANot implemented
$6B Not implemented IOW_WPAP Define screen wallpaper
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