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These traps set on or off flashing and underlining.

TrapValue in D0.BAction
SD_SETFL/IOW_SFLA$2ASet flash mode
SD_SETUL/IOW_SULA$2BSet underline mode
Call ParametersReturn Parameters
D0.BSee aboveD0.LError return.
D1.BSet mode D1.LCorrupted.
D3.WTimeout D3.LPreserved.
A0.LChannel ID A0.LPreserved.
A1.L A1.LCorrupted.


ERR_NCNot complete.
ERR_NOChannel not open.


  • All registers not shown above are not used on entry and are preserved on exit.
  • The value in D1.B determines whether the mode is to be on or off. A value of 0 sets it off. Other values set it on.


The example below shows the use of this trap call to print As with the A underlined. It is assumed that A0 contains the window's ID.

udline  moveq   #-1,d3          ; Timeout
        moveq   #1,d1           ; To set underlining on
        bsr     ul              ; Call sd_setul
        moveq   #"A",d1         ; To print A
        bsr     prt             ; Call io_sbyte
        moveq   #0,d1           ; To set underlining off
        bsr     ul
        moveq   #"s",d1         ; To print s
        bsr     prt

ul      moveq   #sd_setul,d0
ul_1    trap    #3
        tst.l   d0              ; OK? . .
        bne     error           ; . . no!

prt     moveq   #io_sbyte,d0
        bra     ul_1
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