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BP_INIT/SB_INIPR - Vector $110

This vector initialises procedures and functions into the Basic name table and the Basic name list.

Call ParametersReturn Parameters
D3.L Not used D3.L
A1.L Pointer to definition list A1.LCorrupted.
A6.L The usual Basic pointer A6.LMay be updated


No errors are returned by this vector call.


  • All registers not shown above are not used on entry and are preserved on exit.
  • The Definition List has the form shown below at defs.
  • The number of procedures and the number of functions must be calculated as (the number of items + the total number of bytes in the names + 7)/8 with a minimum of the number of items. The reason for this is that this number is used to add space to both the name list and the name table. Whereas the name table entries are all exactly 8 bytes the additional length needed for the name list is the number of items (the number of bytes containing the length of the following name) plus the total number of bytes in all the additional names.

Definition List

defs   dc.w        procnum      ; Number of procedures (roughly)
; Then for each procedure
       dc.w        proutine-*   ; Relative pointer to routine  
       dc.b        proclen      ; Length of procedure name
       dc.b        procname     ; Procedure name
; Followed by:
       dc.w        0            ; Signals end of procedures

       dc.w        funcnum      ; Number of functions (roughly)
; Then for each function         
       dc.w        froutine-*   ; Relative pointer to routine
       dc.b        funclen      ; Length of function name
       dc.b        funcname     ; Function name
; Followed by:
       dc.w        0            ; Signals end of functions        


The example below shows the use of this trap .

       lea         defs          ; Definition List
       movea.w     BP_INIT,a1
       jmp         (a1)          ; Add new keywords and return to BASIC
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