The Pope Is Coming – Lock Up Your Kids!

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The pope arrives in the UK today. Personally, I think he should be arrested. As the head of an organisation that is riven with child molesting staff he should be arrested. As the man in charge of covering up the atrocities (while a Cardinal) he should be arrested. As God’s disciple on Earth – he’s a fraud!

Why are the British Tax Payers, at a time when cut-backs are “required” paying for the head of the  Vatican “state” to pay a “state” visit to the UK, forced to pay huge sums, running into multi-millions of pounds to provide security  for this man?

  • If he really is god’s disciple on Earth then god will prevent harm coming to him, surely?
  • If someone does harm him, then surely it was god’s will, and we lowly Earthlings shouldn’t even begin to attempt to subvert god’s will?

So, regardless, we don’t need and shouldn’t have to pay a single penny for security  on this visit. Just a thought!

Anyway, you can tell how much real faith all churches and mosques etc have by the fact that they all have lightning conductors on the highest points. Go figure. 😀

And finally, as the pope is arriving in the UK via Scotland, here’s a question:

Why is it, in public toilets in Glasgow, that people write “Fuck the pope” on the walls? Because they can’t be bothered to write “Fuck the moderator of the general assembly of the church of Scotland” (Billy Connolly)


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