It must be efficient, I’m using bind variables!

For many years, various big guns – and a lot of smaller ones – in the Oracle world have been advocating, nay demanding, that we [almost] always use bind variables in our SQL code. The reason is simple, it’s shareable, efficient,  reduces parsing and allows the application to scale up to more and more users. Continue reading It must be efficient, I’m using bind variables!

So transport is killing the planet is it?

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I suspect not.

The gist of the above article is this, worldwide, livestock creates more greenhouse gasses than all forms of transport combined. Eating meat is bad for the planet – can you hear all those veggies crowing now? 🙂 Never mind, Kangaroos taste good and can help save the planet. Check out the link above for the full story.


Cyclists – I hate them!

I hate cyclists. They are so full of themselves! They sit there, two or three abreast on narrow roads, dawdling along having a nice chat, completely oblivious to the queue of traffic behind them. Give them a happy toot (ie, not a nasty long drawn out blast) on the horn to let them know you are there and you get a load of abuse. Nice & friendly!

I was once run over by a cyclist. Continue reading Cyclists – I hate them!