Arduino Internal Temperature Measuring

The code below, somewhere, shows how to measure the temperature of the ATmega328 microcontroller built in to numerous Arduino boards. You can find all the gory details in my new book Arduino Software Internals available from Apress, Amazon and good bookshops everywhere.

A complete guide to how the Arduino Language works, and how it makes the hardware work.

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Arduino Nano – Cannot Upload Sketches after Board Upgrade to 1.6.21

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My Arduino Nano started to refuse to upload sketches after I upgraded the boards library to version 1.6.21 from 1.6.20. All I got was this:

avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding
avrdude: stk500_getsync() attempt 1 of 10: not in sync: resp=0x00
avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding
avrdude: stk500_getsync() attempt 2 of 10: not in sync: resp=0x00

Repeat 100 times!

After reverting back to the previous boards library, version 1.6.20, everything worked. I upgraded and everything stopped working.

The solution, from the forums, is simple:

Tools -> Processor -> ATmega328P (Old Bootloader)

Read the forum thread at if you wish. I’m just noting this here for my own reference and definitely not claiming any credit.

Does Your Raspberry Pi 3 Lose WiFi Connections After a While?

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If you find that your Raspberry Pi 3 (or any above), those with built in WiFi and Bluetooth, loses the WiFi connection after a period of inactivity, then this thread on the Raspberry Pi Forums, which will open in a new tab, might be of interest. Have a read. If you want to miss out on the preliminaries of the thread, start reading here instead.

The problem is likely to be the power saving mode of the Wifi. To check the current setting:

sudo iw dev wlan0 get power_save

If you are/will be affected, it will reply with:

power_save: on

If so, all you need to do is:

sudo iw dev wlan0 set power_save off

I’m not affected yet, but I’m making a note here, just in case!

HP Printer Ink – WTF?

Running a business, I like to keep a small stock of spare printer ink cartridges, so I usually have a couple of spare colour and a couple of black ones, just in case. However, after a recent cartridge change, one black and one colour at the same time, the printer has suddenly stopped working. This was after about a month of perfect usage, not immediately after the change. The printer is an HP Photosmart 2610 All in one – and now, it’s an HP Photo-not-very-smart-at-all 2610 none in one! Continue reading HP Printer Ink – WTF?

Getting Arduino Working from a Windows 7 VirtualBox Guest

Do I like problems or what? 🙂 I’m running Linux Mint 17.2 as my host, and I have a VirtualBox 5.0 VM running Windows 7 Professional. I decided I’d like to be able to run the Arduino software from within the VM, but not talking to an Arduino, but to a bare bones setup and programming AtTiny85 devices. The following might be of use to other people’s needs as it explains how the FDTI device cane be automatically assigned to the VM rather than to the host, when plugged in and the VM is running. Continue reading Getting Arduino Working from a Windows 7 VirtualBox Guest

Arduino Christmas Light

Here’s a short Arduino sketch that will fade and flash an LED on pin 9. Works a treat on a Shrimp as well. Which is what mine runs on – my Breaded Shrimp which stared like on a tiny breadboard like the one at the end of the above link, but which is now permanently soldered onto a piece of copper “breadboard” as you can see in the image that’s around here somewhere. Continue reading Arduino Christmas Light

Astell & Kern – AK100 Review

Astell & Kern AK100
Astell & Kern AK100

My wife bought me one of these because my old iRiver H340 has begun eating batteries. It’s on its third replacement now, plus I have more music than fits the H340’s hard drive. I do not buy Apple products, so any iWhatever (other than iRiver) was out of the question. Nothing personal, I just don’t like them. Continue reading Astell & Kern – AK100 Review

The Dangers of Cheap USB Hubs

As a Raspberry Pi user, I figured I needed a USB hub to allow me to connect stuff (that’s a technical term by the way) to my Pi without overloading the two on board USB ports as these are limited to a maximum of 100 mA each. I purchased a cheap 7 port externally powered hub and it arrived by next day delivery. Continue reading The Dangers of Cheap USB Hubs

Raspberry Pi Goes Into Manufacturing – Yippee!

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It’s finally coming! Raspberry Pi has now officially started manufacture of the first production boards. See for details.

Sadly, you can also see there why the tax situation in the UK (or possibly because of the EU) is preventing the charity from manufacturing these boards in the UK.

And, equally sadly, it may also be true that certain UK manufacturers don’t seem to want the extra work either.

How sad are we in the UK?